Sunday, August 9, 2009

What's up?

Heya! Nothing much exciting going on, but we have been busy. Hubby had a week off, as Son was supposed to come down and visit. He had to change his dates though, as he needed to work and make more money for his overseas trip later this month. We were sad he couldn't come, but so excited for him about his trip. And he'll be here in October, yaay!! Anyway, hubby took the week off anyway, and we did lots of little day trips. Headed out to Galveston (twice), to Brenham to tour the ice cream factory (yummy) and did lots of fun things. The kids and I had a total blast! But then, back to work comes, and hubby is travelling again. I believe we are going to go visit him on the job this week. He's in Louisiana again, so a six hour drive is on the agenda for mid week. We have to do this while we can, as Nicholas will be starting school in two weeks!! So excited. And nervous. Proud and scared all at once. We have gone to almost every play place in the city, and now when my baby wakes up, he says Mommy, where are you? I'm ready to go to play place! LOL!! Maybe today... maybe.

So, I've done NO scrapping, and only made two cards in the last few weeks. I'm feeling the need to be scrappy, but the inspiration and mood has to be just right with the schedule, and that's hard these days. This is what I've managed to get done:

Give It Away - Paul Brandt