Sunday, May 31, 2009

'Alter this'

Well, this one was for sure a challenge! I was sent this big plastic blue clothespin and told to "alter" it. I searched and searched for ideas, and couldn't find anything like what I wanted (was going to do a money tree lol!!) As the deadline is near, I opted for a more 'normal' approach, but I'm telling you - I'm going to get another of these and put my money tree idea to work!) I love this though, the colors and the pics. Think this may be hubby's Father's Day gift!

Friday, May 29, 2009

This boy!!

We've had a busy couple days. Our community pool opened, our splashpad is working, and we reconnected with a neighbor that we hadn't seen over the winter. Got hubby off to his job in Colorado, so it's just me and the boys. We've been playing outside and I was getting lots of Benjamin pictures, so I wanted to turn it on Nicholas, who was willing, and being my little poser. I absolutely love this simple layout, and he does too. His personality truly shines through in these pictures, and he looks like Mama's little boy here. I love this kid!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No pics today, but will add some

Celebrated our second Memorial Day weekend - and had a great time. Our community pool opened, so we got to hang out and splash for the first time this season. Went and scrapbooked at a friend's house - Michelle - she is so funny. I don't know if I've ever met anyone who laughs as much as her! Then we had a neighborhood bbq on Monday that was totally awesome! I will add photos when I'm on my own computer (using hubby's laptop at the moment.) We went to the splashpad this morning (well, 12:30) and hung out there for about an hour and a half. Likely not the best time of day - the kids and I are pretty pink. They aren't too bad, but I'm sure I can be seen from space, I have a very distinct pink/red 'glow'. I should know by now - it's almost like a different sun here, more direct, more heat for sure! Maybe I'll even take a picture of my burn... but not tonight. Tonight, I'm going to go and try to get more into my book "Rhett Butler's People." I loved Gone with the Wind and Scarlett, but this one is taking me longer to get into. Maybe because I'm always so tired when I read lol!!! Pics tomorrow... after another visit to the splashpad with friends. And I'll remember the sunblock this time hehehe!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Making the journalling the star

I got this idea over the weekend when we were hanging out at the train table at Barnes & Noble. The kids were busy, Nicholas looking at Star Wars books, and Benjamin with the trains. I usually enjoy the quiet time, let hubby go look at "Daddy" books, and I sit on the floor and look through scrapbook magazines while keeping an eye on the boys. Anyway, this one British magazine had a layout showing a photograph in the center of the page, and journalling totally surrounding it! I sketched it out on a magazine insert card and brought it home, and this is my version! I love it, and I know (longwinded that I can be!) that I will be doing this style of layout more than just this one time.

Getting the hang of it.

So many layouts are one large photo on a page, with the design flowing around it. I'm into volume scrapping - - I usually put 6 or 8 photos on a page, but I am coming around to it! For a special photograph or memory, I'll be doing this more often. I take so many photographs of my kids, that I am fortunate enough to get some fantastic shots of them both. I'm grateful that they are (usually) willing subjects for Mommy's obsession lol!!

Terrifying new technique (for me!)

So, I have never (ever) used my sewing machine on a page before. One of my CM groups is doing a birthday challenge weekend, and a layout that was given for inspiration had the ribbon bunched up as trim down the length of the page. It took me a couple days to get up the nerve, and today seemed to be the day. Seriously nervous, and a little shaky, I broke out my sewing machine that I have not used in easily two years, dusted it off, and gave it a try. And I love it! Totally adds to the page, and works with what I'm trying to say about my little boy.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Back at it!

It seems like forever since I did any actual scrapping! I've made a few cards for challenges, but haven't actually scrapped a page in a little while. There was a challenge on CM that was closing today that I just had to get in on, so I'm very grateful to hubby and the boys for giving me a little time to myself to get a page done. And I think it looks awesome. The sketch challenge had the restrictions of red and yellow being the dominant colors, allowing for one third color to be added, but had to not overtake the main two. Hopefully this conforms, but even if it doesn't, I love the layout! We were in Kemah, TX, right on Galveston Bay, last weekend for Mother's Day, and we had a blast! This was taken as we were getting ready to leave for the day. We were tired, hot, sunbaked, and caffeine-filled. It was an awesome Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Coming down from the cyber crop high

Hey all! Yup, I said it, but not as hey y'all. Not that Texas yet! LOL!! I have been really busy... at home in my scrap room. Hubby has been away all week, so when I was not doing something with the boys, I was scrapping away, and I got a LOT done. In one of my Cafemom groups, they were having a "cyber crop" with lots of challenges and time limits to complete things. It was so busy, the owner of the group extended it beyond the weekend to Wednesday evening, which just meant that I had extra days to work like mad to get things done. And I did great! Here are a couple of things:

Give It Away - Paul Brandt