Thursday, April 26, 2012

I saw this on an Earth Day facebook link, and thought it was sooo cute! (I think it was by Two Paper Divas.) There is a good story behind why I chose the boxes that I did: Nicholas, my little devil, he loves anything chocolate. He gets that from his Grandma, she has told me that a few times (and apologizes for it LOL!) I was looking in the pantry one evening and was wondering why a cookie box was out of it's 'place'; it should be with the other Girl Scout cookies. I went to put it back, and it was completely empty. Hmmm. Husband is out of town. (He's the usual culprit.) I spoke to him the next morning, just to check, and he chuckled, saying it must have been Nicholas. Sure enough, when I was up in his room grabbing laundry the next morning, there was the silver wrapper on the floor in his closet. What a little sneak! That is why my young son is getting a notebook with "girl" all over it. Cheeky!
My Benjamin, he loves to watch Scooby Doo, we usually watch that during our snuggle time during the day. Hence, he loves Scooby Snacks. He loves lots of snacks LOL, but this is one of the not so bad ones that we allow for him. He loves his little book, and has already started drawing in it.
I used just the food boxes, attached them to a sheet of medium weight chipboard, sliced some printer paper, then used my bind it all to put it all together, super quick, easy and cute!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hanging with friends

Benjamin and I spent the morning with friends today. Lisa and I visited, had coffee, and I watched while she spent some organizing time in her scrappy room. The boys, however, played, and played, and played! They behaved sooooo well together! Certainly they enjoy each other's company, as Benjamin fussed a bit when I told him it was time for him to go home for lunch.

When we arrived at Lisa's house, it was filled with this yummy smell - she was making homemade Chex mix. Lucky for us, we got to sample, and it was so yummy! I love that she used what she had - there were seasoned tasty croutons :) Way to go Mama!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beautiful spring!

I have to say, Texas in the spring is truly breathtaking. As much as I miss the lilacs in May in Calgary, Texas flowers are helping to ease that missing. The magnolia trees are in full blossom, and they are so lovely! The boys, dog and I went out for a long walk after supper last night, and I couldn't not stop to take pictures of the trees along the way. How spectacular are these:

I love having a cell phone with a camera - I'm set to click at anytime. I would have hated to miss these :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Momma pride

After an amazing 40th birthday, and a weekend retreat with my favorite scrappy chics, it's back to routine. Got hubby off to work, he is traveling today, and will be out of town this week. Little son and I went to the Elementary school to volunteer in the library - it is the annual book fair, and this week is preview week. We usually try to go to assist the kindergarten, first and second grade students with their 'wish lists'. This year was even more fun for me, as my Nicholas (2nd grade) got permission from his substitute teacher to come and see me in the library and to help out. When a little one would put up their hand to signal that they found something they liked, he'd go over and write down the book title, location and price. It made Mommy soooo proud!

I stopped by the classroom later to thank the substitute (I knew all the students were in specials) and she said she was happy to let him go, but she didn't realize he was staying, and that he missed his spelling pretest LOL!! She didn't seem too put out by it, saying she would get him to quickly do it later today. Little imp - and he told me he could stay. That's okay :) I was so happy to see him, he was in a great mood, and he was a fantastic helper. This Mommy is very proud of her little boy today!

Give It Away - Paul Brandt