Wednesday, July 28, 2010

While the cat's away...

The mouse will be sad, 'cause she missed the cat. But she will also scrapbook.

Today is day one of our July online crop in the group that I took ownership of. I'm nervous that people will be bored with it, or that they just won't participate. Today I was busy scrapping for challenges, I hope other members are too. Along with the previous post for today, of the Bunny Boy page, I did do a couple other things:

This card is for my 'unusual celebration' card - - it is in honor of rubber duckies everywhere LOL!! A requirement was using the corrugated cardboard somewhere on a card or layout. I really love this stamp set. Charlie Horse is just so sweet!

I have been trying hard to finish off Nicholas' kindergarten scrapbook, as he will be starting Grade One in just 3 short weeks. A lot of my work for the next few posts will be from his book. This one is for a cnc challenge too, a Red, White & Blue(or green) page.

This is from the Spring party at WCE that was held just before spring break. Nicholas loves the pics of him with his buddies, and that it is all about him.

I'm sure I'm not quite done scrapping for the night, but I am going to take a little tv break. More to post tomorrow.

Scrapping the Bunny Boy

This is for a challenge to make an entire scrapbook layout with just your scraps, and your scraps have to make up the foundation for your page. Above is the scraps, and below is the page foundation:

after cutting out 36 2" squares, here's my finished layout:

for the flowers, I stamped them on some of these lighter scrap pieces, then used my cuttlebug to cut them out, then glimmer misted to give shine.

I bought the spellbinders dies that have the matching stamps (Leslie & I got these at CKC earlier this month.) Haven't quite got the hang of them perfectly yet, but they are pretty.

I love this layout, and how sweet Nicholas looks. Still my little small boy, so happy and so proud running home to show his artwork and goodies from school. Too soon, he'll have things just shoved in his backpack that he will forget to show us, or that he will just throw away. But for now, he's still excited, proud and eager. I love you my little Bunny Boy!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just can't take it anymore

The boys are so fortunate - they share a room because they choose to, and I think that's so sweet. So we've taken the empty bedroom, and turned it into their toy room. Sounds wonderful, right? Ummm.... it was for a while... then this happened:

I can't believe we have a room like this in our home. We've been closing the door to it for the last week or two, but now... the crap has extended too far out and the door won't close. This is my chore for today. And of course, I'm making it a scrappy challenge too. These are the 'before' pics... I will post the organized 'after' pics too, then I'm going to do a layout about it :) But of course LOL!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Owner moving in

My friend Angie and I have taken over ownership of the Cafe Mom group Crop N Chat from our other friend Kellie. It's basically an online scrapbook group that posts challenges and layout ideas, and tries to bring out the best in creativity and friendship from each other. A lot of the things I post from now on will be drawn on challenges from our group.

... like... this little card! Love this cricut cartridge, it's called Create a Critter. Anyone who knows me knows I love raccoons, and this little one is just so adorable.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Something wicked this way comes!

I had a very cool opportunity presented to me yesterday. Super cool. Awesome. A little scary. But wicked! Can't tell exactly what it is, but all things will be revealed by week's end. One little hint: it's scrappy related. Duh! LOL!! With me, of course it's scrappy related! Okay, one other little hint: it starts with O.... that's all I can say! Don't want to spill the beans! Knock over the apple cart! Give away the milk for free... or whatever that saying is! Woohoo! Can't wait to tell!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

Considering we are the only people in our neighborhood that would be celebrating this day, we are making it a red and white day. What we wear, and what we eat for supper! (Could be challenging...) Red Thai curry and white rice maybe? LOL!! I'm in the mood to scrapbook Canada stuff, so I dug through my pics and found these gorgeous ones of the kids, wearing the Team Canada Olympic shirts that Ed brought them back from his last trip up:

Future Scientist

Nicholas has taken quite an interest in dinosaurs, volcanoes and rocks. We found an excavation kit at the bookstore, and he just loved it! Of course, even though I slept through most of the dig (he opened it up and got started VERY early one morning) Daddy was kind enough to run for the camera so I could see, and of course, have pictures to scrapbook:

Give It Away - Paul Brandt