Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School, day #2, hubby's bday, last day of vacation

We were up bright and early, the boys and I, anxiously awaiting the first morning bus ride. We met Alejandro at the bus stop, and one of the other moms with her kiddos, and we waited together. And waited. And waited. Finally, I called Shelly, and she said the kids at her stop were gone. Figured the new driver missed our street. Evelyn drove us to school, and we dropped the kids off at their classrooms. No worries, no tardies given this week.

Spent the day with my baby boy and my birthday husband. Yup, Ed's 39 today. I put on my facebook status last night that today I get to kiss a 39 year old man for the first time today ;) And it's true LOL!! He and Benjamin played Harry Potter on the wii for a while, then Ed ran on the treadmill and had his shower. We headed out around noon, first to Kohl's for Ed's birthday present - some yummy smelling Aqua di Gio cologne, and three white shirts. Found and tried out a new coffee place inside HEB - it is just a little coffee cart kind of thing, Minuti I think it's called. Delicioussssss. Loved my caramel macchiato. Ed had an iced chai cream. Went in search of "the" birthday cake and ended up with a deluxe coconut cream pie - Ed's pretty excited about it.

Came home, puttered around for a bit, then picked up the munchkin from the bus. Again, it was early, just like yesterday. When I spoke to the driver she said she hit her stop before ours at 7:28, and got to ours, waited 3-5 minutes then left... that's not possible, as Nicholas and I left the house at 7:31.... tomorrow we have to be earlier! This girl drives fast, and leaves fast!

Went to Kublai Khan for supper - our favorite make it, have them cook it place. Delicious as always. We all brought 1/2 our food home. Kiddos upstairs watching a movie, and we can too - the new one that came out today, with Jennifer Lopez - The Backup Plan... Then pie, then kiddos bedtime, then a show or two for us.

Awesome day. Thank you honey! Happy Birthday to you! We love you!

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School!

And it was a smooth morning! Maybe the key is making lunch the night before, setting the clothes out the night before, and making sure there are several alarms set. We had very smooth sailing this morning, with plenty of time. We drove Nicholas to school, had lots of time for photos and hugs. We even left before the final bell as he was settling into his coloring at his desk with his classmates. He was excited, and said he loves school. Such a huge difference! I could see it in the kindergartener's faces - that look that we had last year, the nervous and scared little faces. None of that for us this year, Nicholas is a big boy, in Grade one now, and what a difference. Benjamin was sad to leave his brother, and shouted from the doorway, "I love you Nick - a - yus!" and waved and waved as we left. I'm very glad Ed is home from work today, as he is helping Benjamin tremendously with his separation anxiety from his brother. Getting all the laundry done, and have freshly baked cookies for an after school snack, so we can sit and hear all about his first day. Hope it was great!

Nicholas was home before I even went out to meet the bus! His driver was super quick, and he was home early - on the first day of school even! He had a great day, and was very chatty, his baby blues were full of sparkle. He had his oatmeal cookies happily and talked about his day. Such a huge difference from last year. Made curry for supper, and he chattered all through dinner, then went to bed easily. We could get used to this.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Crop weekend again!

Every month our CafeMom group does an online crop, and even though our last month's was just over not that long ago, we are working on August (early this month due to school starting.) Here is a challenge I did that was hosted by my fellow group owner, who wanted to see 'everyday love' between members of the family. I popped my memory card from my camera to my computer, thinking I'd have to do some searching, and I found the perfect picture right away! Benjamin and Nicholas snuggling (and hamming it up) while they were watching tv together upstairs. The do fight and argue, and get on each other's nerves, but they are serious about loving each other too.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the 13th

This has always been a good day for me! This morning I looked forward to see what would come my way.

We were busy today, fueling up the car, hitting Target, the bank machine, Kohl's (school clothes), Walmart (groceries) then relaxing with a treat of lunch and dessert at McD's (the kids' choice.) Funny, when I was fueling up, right at the start of our outting, I couldn't get the hood to open - it popped up when I pulled the release, but the little plastic pull didn't come out, so it wouldn't release from the front latch. Called VW, and will have to go in Tuesday morning to get some help (they were too busy). At least we got all our errands done, paid all our bills (woohoo!!) and have a little money to spare (gotta love that!) Bunco tonight with my neighborhood girlfriends (yaay!) as Shelly's family is babysitting (she's playing too!)

All in all, a pretty great 13th, even with the hood thingy. Maybe I'll win at bunco... who knows? LOL!! Doesn't matter, I'm just very grateful that I get to go.

No scrapping in the works today! Hopefully tomorrow!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Awesome card!

I made this card for a friend for her birthday, adding a little chocolate treat to it.
Then I found this card (below) which is the same concept, but a double card! I think I must try it. I must, I must!

CIMG1633.jpg My Cricut Entry image by MaileLei4U

Crazy Kid!

I'm going to let the layout and the journaling tell this story - - this happened yesterday.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When you are on your own....

..... you scrap! Or at least that's the way in our house. I am home with one kiddo, as the other is out with his best friend and the momma - they are heading to the school where Nicholas is going to show them around, then they are having a picnic - ghasp!! - outside! (It is amazingly hot, yet again today.) Then this evening, the momma is taking them to the gym with her, so they can play while she works out. Benjamin and I are being home bodies, and that's just fine. It's giving me the chance to be a little crafty:

The first card was for a sketch challenge, hosted my my lovely cafe mom group co-owner. She made a beautiful card that we were to copy. Love this design!

The layout of my sweet goofy grinning boy I did this morning - - that's actual machine stitching too! I pulled out the old sewing machine and dusted it off - got it threaded the first time around too!

The last card is for my LMN O Pea card swap that is coming up this weekend. I actually got it done early! I was feeling the pressure, so I couldn't just let it sit. Maybe I should be smart and start working on the September ones, just to be safe!

Snack time for little man, and some snuggle time while we watch a cartoon. :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sometimes round is the way to go!

I have 13 cards I need to have made for a swap next weekend, and it's not like me to procrastinate and wait until the last moment. Even though it's a week away, I'm feeling the pressure. I stayed up late last night to get one set done, and this is what I came up with. It's not completely finished, I think I'll do a little faux stitching, but not sure on if there will be much more than that. Love the little squirrel, from the Create a Critter cricut cartridge.

Now to get going on the next design....

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I have found my peace... and am in a scrappier place

All is good today. Kiddos are being wonderful (I know, amazing right?) and I am able to scrap and just enjoy the day. We are all having a jammie day, doing what we all love most: I'm just finishing some cards, and about to scrap a layout, Nicholas is watching Netflix cartoons, and Benjamin is playing Lego Batman. Not the most educational of days, but we are enjoying the stress free, relaxing feeling it brings. It is amazingly hot out again, and Edward is still away working, so we are just chillaxing :)

Here's what I've been working on the last couple days:

*layout I just finished this morning. I love, love, love this page - - the chipboard frame is sprayed with homemade glimmer mist, in SU! Tangerine Tango, CTMH clover meadow, and a Tattered Angels blue skies. Love it! And the kiddos are so sweet. Nicholas gave me the silly bandz, so this is the perfect way to keep them and the memory.

*cards I did for a cafe mom challenge, but I ummm... didn't read all the directions (they were supposed to be done with a pink emphasis... oh well!)

*This layout I did a day or two ago, about Valentino and his joy at going to the bus stop every morning. Nicholas is a very smart boy for 6 years old - - he gets to the bus stop and seeks out one of the two girls, and he passes the leash to them. They of course, think he's the sweetest thing for sharing his puppy with them.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My kingdom for some peace!

I know people would say, enjoy this moment, as the kids grow so fast. Yes, I agree, they do. My husband is working out of town and the kids are driving me a little bonkers, so I would love just a little peace and quiet. I'm sad to say that on some days, I really, really look forward to bedtime, which incidentally is in about 15 minutes. Thank goodness! I always miss my husband, but today, just a little more, as I would love a break.

Give It Away - Paul Brandt