Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Frugality!

At this moment, I am very proud of myself! I was in Wal-mart either last week or on the weekend, and I saw a mom doing some major price matching when she was buying her groceries. She had a ton of stuff, and it was just over $100. She had her list, coupons, and the flyers that she got her price-match info from. Got me to thinking, I need to give this a try too, so today, I did, and what an odd little high I got when the total rang up. For all these items below, my total was $53.
That's 56 items, for an average of about $1 each. Woohoo!! And it's not all boring stuff, it's things my kids actually like. It's name brand products. It's things we already buy, when we have extra money to fit them in. I think this will change the way I shop. I'm so proud of myself. Weird huh? ;)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Something I Wish; My Dream

Big Picture Classes is holding their Big Idea Festival 2012 this week, and I have been keeping up on the challenges. Today's prompt was to scrapbook something that you dream of, or wish, and then allow it to empower you into making it happen. Right away, I thought of Benjamin's diabetes, and how I wish he never had it, that he didn't have to adjust to it, didn't have to have needles, and insulin as part of his daily routine. Our entire family is raising money right now for our walk with the JDRF in October - the money raised goes to fund research to find a cure. There WILL be a cure in his lifetime, and if there is something I can do to help, I will!

Tooth Fairy Box

I decorated this little wooden box yesterday, for I know Benjamin will lose his very first tooth any day now.
It's been hanging on by just a tiny bit!
This photo was yesterday. I showed it to him, and he loves it.
I was at school today, and as homeroom mom, I was able to be in the classroom to ask Mrs. Setna for directions on her workbasket items, and Benjamin showed me that he lost his tooth! And he really lost it - he has no idea where it is LOL!! This photo is from this afternoon.
My sweet baby - his perfect little smile is forever altered, he now has an adorable little gappy smile :) Good thing the little box is ready because we need it tonight!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The nurses at my son's school are very important people to me. They are available at all times, in case he feels low or high, has an accident, needs his blood sugar checked or to get his insulin. I want to take special care of them, and do things for them so that they know how much they are appreciated, hence this project. I went to Walmart specifically to buy cute character band aids because I needed the empty boxes LOL!! I put together this wreath for them to hang up in the medical room, and they both loved it. Very special ladies, and I'm so grateful for the relationship they are building with Benjamin and with me.

Shih Tzu Hound Dog!

You may all laugh at me, but I am new to this breed, and had the most fantastic, laugh out loud moment today. Our little foster Boris (who we call Oliver) was waiting for me to unlock the door this morning, and I apparently took too long. He sat back on his legs, and from deep in his stomach came this throaty, deep HOWL, like an old hound dog! Shih Tzu dogs can howl??? OMGoodness, this little dog - where on earth did that sound come from? I can only hope he will do it again, it was hilarious!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Snail Mail ~ Happy Mail

I love taking online classes with Big Picture Classes - Stacy Julian will always be one of my favorite scrappy inspirational people. Today is day one of the Big Idea Festival 2012, and her challenge for herself was to send out a card per day, for an entire year! Wow! That's a serious challenge, and one I know that I couldn't keep up on. I am, however, going to try to send out one per week, whether it's to Canada, or here in the US, or even just in Houston, but every Tuesday (I'm setting an alarm in my phone so I don't forget!) I am going to send Happy Mail to someone, with a handwritten note in a homemade card. I love getting mail, especially when it is from someone that I miss, and really, handwritten cards and letters are very rare, with everyone having email, skype and facebook. I take Stacy's challenge, and here goes! This is my first card, sending it to my friend Shawna back home. If anyone deserves a hi, I miss you card, she does :)

Meet Oliver

How time does fly! The kids are both in school, and we have gotten through the first week, Labour Day weekend, and we are well into September! It is so hot outside that we have been trying to hibernate just a little bit. Cannot wait for the cool fall evenings / mornings that we get in November LOL!! This I have to share: we have an addition to our family. Meet Oliver, he is from the Lone Star Shih Tzu / Lhasa Apso Rescue, he is one year old, chocolate brown, and is just an absolute doll. Very well trained, super adorable and affectionate, and those big golden eyes, just melts your heart. He is a foster dog - which means if someone wants to adopt him and give him a forever home, we give him up and then foster another furperson that needs a home. I don't know if we will be able to give Oliver up though; in the Rescue world, we are likely to become a "foster failure." :)

Give It Away - Paul Brandt