Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I love this card design, it's quick and easy to make, and it's the perfect way to make a gift card 'stand out'. Thanks to the site for always having such great inspiration. My son has a birthday party to go to today, so of course I waited until yesterday to buy a gift card and make a card. Love how this turned out - the kid is 8... I'm thinking he'll like it :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Photo Book

I've never been one to do digital photography much, but I owed it to Benjamin to get a baby book done for him. It's no where near enough detail, so I will still be able to scrapbook my favorite moments, and I have done many of them already, but to have this for us to look through together, he will love it! You never know... I may have to do Nicholas' first year this way too!

Friday, May 11, 2012

It's been a busy day for us today. We were expecting thunderstorms all day, but the didn't arrive until this evening. It's still booming and flashing outside. I have a feeling two little boys will be camping out in the puppy tent in our bedroom tonight.
Wet morning grass always brings out the slugs; Nicholas loves looking at them, and he protects them, he won't let the other kids step on them, and he loves to watch them and talk to them, because 'they are a part of nature.' Sweet!
We got Nicholas off to school, then we drove Daddy to work. Had a very spontaneous / weird coincidence - I was just asking Benjamin if we should go visit Misty and Miss Jane today, and my phone rang - Miss Jane herself, asking us if we could hang out today. Weird, huh?! That's what I love about her - we are so on the same wavelength! So, we drove Daddy off to work, and went to the used book store to meet Jane. Found some books, quick stop at Starbucks, then to her house. Her puppy dog is soooo huge! (Have to get my other camera to upload pics of her, omg! She's adorable!) We visited and talked a mile a minute, then went to Kublai Khan, my favorite Mongolian restaurant for lunch - my belated birthday lunch! Thanks girl! It's always awesome there! As it wasn't time to go into Houston to get Ed yet, we sacrificed and went to Archiver's where we did just a little bit of shopping. Founds some fantastic summer sun and fun stuff, will make a great mini album! Went into Houston, and picked up Ed, made it home just in time to get little man from the school bus. Couple minutes at home, some quick Swim Team business stuff, then off to practice we went. The kids are doing such an amazing job. I'm sure Nicholas will be swimming independently next week, he's doing so well, and Benjamin isn't far behind him, he will too! Quick stop at the drug store, then McDonald's for cheater supper. Had planned on watching some tv shows but we got sidetracked by the weather warnings and tornado warnings. Made some coffee and went outside, watching the dark skies and the clouds. Realized then that I have until Monday to finish my photo book online, so I had to get to it. Luckily almost all the pics were in, so I'm just going back and adding the journaling, and some pretty embellishments, then my Sunday night, I'll be ready to order. It's of Benjamin's first year, and it's so adorable! Think I'll have to do one for Nicholas bug too! Anyway, it got way later than I'd expected, and I'll be the boys are still up watching tv with Daddy... think it's time to go do some tuck ins!

Give It Away - Paul Brandt