Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So it snowed in Texas. Yes it certainly did! Enough that the schools let the kids out early, and many offices closed early for the day, due to the worrisome 'deteriorating conditions.' I don't know about anything bad but the kids had an absolute blast with it. I had to teach Benjamin how to make a snowball, and a fifteen year old how to roll a ball to make a snowman. And I always thought this is something you are just born knowing, but I guess not. It truly is a different world here. I did get to crack a couple of my neighbors with snowballs, and that was totally fun. My friend Evelyn (who is always so careful opening the door when you ring the doorbell) opened the door, saw it was me, threw it open to give me a hug, and was welcomed with a big snowball up her sweater in the back. LOL!!! She did a silly, goofy dance, and it was so much fun. She was a big part in helping build the snowman. It was a wonderful day (Dec 4/09) and I can imagine it will be quite some time before our part of Texas gets a snow like that again. What a treat! Pictures to come!

Give It Away - Paul Brandt