Friday, March 30, 2012

Today has been a great day!

Not only did I get a confirmation email from House Party that I am a confirmed hostess for a Keurig Vue party (how cool is that???? I LOVE my coffee, this is THE best ever!) but... my husband got a bit of a bonus from work today, so he bought me my birthday present early - a new camera! Lovely little Canon, sweet little thing, think I'll call it Charlie :) My Sony camera that I sent out to get a new battery latch and cover is going to be expensive - the 'estimator' at Ritz Camera's lab in Florida said $250 to fix, on top of my $45 deposit. The camera was under $400 new. So... not sure on that one, so we got me a new one. And it's lovely - easy to use, 35x zoom - wicked!! Cannot wait to try it out on the blue bonnet patches that we are wandering out to see tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring cleaning & organizing (reorganizing!)

I've been trying to get my room in ship shape, not only because it's spring, and it's time, but it's really time!! I have a new friend who is going to come over and scrap with me, and she has shared a picture of the scrapbook room she has in her house.... it's a magazine worthy space - it's ah-mazing!! So, to have her over, I need to get mine into a semblance of complete order, not the half and half version I have going now. The kids were helping out, Benjamin especially. While I was cleaning, he was drawing or painting, so we could still be together, while I was lost in space. Amazing how much time gets sucked away in that room, but I love it! One day, and very soon, it will be my uber room, to it's full potential, and I can't wait!

This I realized, is what Ben was doing when we had to head to the school bus stop. So funny! I sent this pic to my husband, and he said, "What did you do to him?" Nothing, honest, he just powered out, and needed a nap. That little man can sleep anywhere, and he does!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Super Superhero Album

I am so addicted to the new Superhero goodies from Close To My Heart. This is absolutely my favoritest line of theirs EVER! I made this sweet little album, which holds 48 pictures (a lot of real estate, as the album designer Laura would say!)

I love how the inserts are a full 4x6, and it takes very little designer paper to spruce it up. For the spacers (beads), and the outside decorations (chain, spiders, etc.) Hobby Lobby jewelery section was a dynamite score!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Blink - and a month is gone!

Where did it go? How does that happen? Wow! Caught up in hubby, kids, critters, friends, scrappy stuff... and boom! I have been scrappy though, lucky for that! My room is decently clean, and I've been able to have a couple days this month with friends over to scrap with me, and me out several times (thank you honey!)

(it's hanging in the kitchen, hence the little clothes pins and the funky Mardi Gras beads.)

This layout I did of the kids in the back yard helping Daddy pull weeds and till the back mulch. The weeds, seriously, were as tall / taller than Benjamin! Love the Basic Grey line for this - all the best colors to match the photos perfectly!

Spring is here (even if the calendar doesn't agree just yet.) All the shrubs are starting to bloom, and there are flowers popping up, and I'm seeing the beginning of the Texas wildflowers; by the end of the month they will be everywhere. My favorite thing about living in Texas is the wildflowers (well, one of my favorites, there are a lot of things I love.)

My latest scrappy passion, my Smash book, has been getting more attention. Take a peek at the front cover:
How cute is that? And it's getting just a little bit chunky!

I was lucky enough to head out to Clear Lake to scrap for an evening with my awesome artsy chic pal Lizzie,

and we smashed the evening away. This is what I accomplished:

My hubby is traveling today... he packs pretty light, as he's only gone for a few days. Thought it was funny though... I take more for a morning of scrapping than he does for almost a week LOL!!

Give It Away - Paul Brandt