Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Scrap Queen layout

I finally finished my layout! I submitted this to DCWV for their October Stackaholic Template challenge; prize is a couple stacks of their awesome paper collections. For this layout, I used the Black Currant stack, cracked into it for the first time. There are some great papers in there! I've never used the banner idea for a layout before, although it has been on my to-do list. I like how this turned out, and scrap queen is definitely a good description for Jess :) Even my journaling happened to come out straight, woohoo!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Altered items - A Few of My Favorite Things

I've had this idea in mind for quite some time, and finally bit the bullet (so to speak) and jumped right in. I have been collecting some of the kids' small toys, things that they used to love to play with (and some that they still love) and I've been hoarding them - waiting for the right moment to create a memorabilia display for each of them. I was at Hobby Lobby one day with a friend, and we found these beautiful (and cheap!) wooden boxes with the clear fronts, and I knew they'd be perfect. With some paint, patterned paper, rub ons, washi tape and some hot glue, the boys each have a cool display to hang on their walls. They really do like them, although our youngest wants to open it and play with the toys, asking me, "Mommy, why did you glue my toys in there?" and my favorite, "Mommy, did you cut the head off my dog?" Yes, son, I did, for the sake of crafting, I did. One day you'll understand LOL!


Nicholas': (not quite finished)

For the Love of Kittens

Hubby has been away working in the northern States, so it's been me and the boys. We've been able to spend some time with our friends who have had two batches of kittens this summer/fall. While they are adorable little fluff balls, we know that the pets we have now would not appreciate us adding to our brood, we know we have enough. Doesn't stop us from enjoying the kitties though, until they all find new homes. They are just so cute!!

This photo I took and posted on our neighborhood facebook page, saying kitties were ready to go to their new home. Had some great comments on the photo, but no takers on the kitties. (Since that photo, all but 3 kitties from both litters have found homes. So sad to see them go.)

Give It Away - Paul Brandt