Friday, November 28, 2014

Joey's Night #3 - He found a friend

Joey is very much at home with us now - he found a sweet familiar face! And a little snack too. Nicholas said Joey must like a lot of cookies because there were only a few left in the jar.... I think someone else likes cookies a lot, but I will let him have this one ;)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Night #2 with Joey

The kids talked about Joey all day yesterday. They kept running downstairs to see if he had moved. They were aware of him all the time, and listening to them guess about what would be next was funny. This morning the boys came into my room to tell me that Joey was on the table in the kitchen. Oh no... what has he done now? Just some fun with new friends LOL!

Joey the Elf - first night

First night with Joey, we were all very curious about how this would work. Then we woke up. Found him sitting on top of our lamp with a green marker. Oh no. Then we looked over at the kids' class photos and couldn't help but laugh! You can see why!
At least he didn't draw ON the actual kids! Better be careful what I say.

The Elf on the Shelf arrives.

I didn't think our family would be interested in an elf. It's been a couple years that he has been popular with friends and our kids just didn't seem to be taken with him. On a whim I grabbed one anyway, and his journey with our family begins. First off, we had to find him a name. The kids approved of my choice of Joey; my thinking was that when he does something wrong, we can say "Damn it Joey?" or the other, more curse-ish one that my friend Jessica says, but I won't write it here. So. Joey has a home with us for 30 days, keeping an eye on the kids by day, and reporting back to Santa and enjoying a little free time at night. Cool.

Give It Away - Paul Brandt