Monday, August 19, 2013

It's been a creative crochet summer!

I've gotten a little lost from the blog again. Not for lack of inspiration, but for lack of time. Our friends had a baby boy on July 17th, and we have been very busy spending time with them and their little 13 month old. Beautiful babies, both of them!
I haven't been scrapbooking much over the summer, but I have been crocheting a lot. I made a blanket for the new baby, and one for his brother, one for each of my boys, and one for my friend's daughter (with a matching dollie blanket.) Finally, I am working on a big one for my husband. Funny how when the weather is 100+ degrees outside, I crochet more. Must be because we have the air conditioning up so high LOL!
Mason's was done as broomstick lace, really love how this turned out.
This is Benjamin's colorful zigzag, he loves it.
Grayson's is shades of blue with cream.
Reese specifically requested these shades of pink and purple. I will surprise her with the matching dollie blanket, I know it will make her happy :)
This is the dollie blanket. It's too bad, but the photos really don't do them justice, the blankets are all really pretty, and I'm very proud to be able to give them. Nicholas' was a HUGE granny square quilt, but I need to take it from him to take a photo. LOL!! My husband gets the next one, then I think I will be doing a pink and green one for my girlfriend. And maybe try to scrapbook a little too :) We have only one last week of summer vacation, then school begins. Wow! I am looking forward to the return to routine, and some cooler weather, it has been a very hot summer!

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