Monday, January 10, 2011

January already!

We are quite used to it being us, sad to say. Daddy has been away since just after Christmas, with only a 24 hour quick trip home for a doctor's appointment. Nicholas is back in school (thank goodness) and Benjamin is potty trained YAAY!!! I told him that if he was not potty trained by his birthday then we could not have a party, or presents or cake, because we would not celebrate still being in pampers by then. He was potty trained pretty much early on the 2nd day. Wonderful! Love it! And he's in underwear all night too. Today is a chores day, getting to things I've been too lazy to do. I was in my scrap room almost all day yesterday, made 10 cards and did some tidying. Felt soooo good to craft in my own room - it's been too disastrous to work in there. Still have a lot to do, but my work table is nice and organized. So, back to chores, then a little scrapping this afternoon, maybe some pics posted of what I've been up to. Cheerio!

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