Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oops, how'd that happen?

This beautiful photo is my Nicholas. He loves playing in the pool, and being outdoors just emphasizes his amazing eyes. I love you bug :)

My last post was in April. Ummm... Almost 3 months ago. Well. Lots has happpened. School is out for the summer, and has been for almost a month. Nicholas passed to second grade, and he's very proud. The summer has been extremely hot = bored children. It's just too hot to do things outside most of the day, so the kids are in, and getting on each other's nerves (and mine) and are just uninspired. We are enjoying the little bit of sleeping in we are getting to have though. Ed is home this week and next, but then travels for a bit. I did register the kids into a week-long summer camp program at Kids R Kids, during the same week that Ed will be away. Wonder what I should do with myself? 5 whole days... wow. Nap maybe? Read an entire book? Do up my scrapbook room? Clean the house? Little road trip somewhere? Who knows, I don't yet. But I'll think of something. Anyway, that's it for the update, lunch is ready, and kiddos are hungry. I'll try to get into this a little more often than just every 3 months LOL! Cheerio dahling!

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