Monday, July 11, 2011

Kid free day #1

The boys are off to their first day of summer camp - it runs for the week. So far, I've done about half the laundry, put away all the laundry collected from weeks past, have vaccuumed almost all of downstairs, and am about to make nice with the broom. Oh, and I've cleaned the kids' rooms (they really needed it!) It's noon, and I've been busy! But I really miss them. I know Nicholas will be so happy hanging out there, he was really excited to go, and I am used to him going off to school. But Benjamin - I'm really missing my baby boy. This is the first time he's spending a whole day away from me when he's not with Daddy, and I'm a little worried. I know if there was a problem, they would call, but I still worry. Dryer just beeped... guess I'm off to do something else.

On a scrappy note, just took a quick look at the Christmas in July release from Bo Bunny - how beautiful are these trinkets? The line is called Father Christmas, and it's beautiful. Check it out!

Picked the kids up at supper time and Nicholas wanted to stay longer - great endorsement for the center hey? Benjamin was ready to come home, and said he didn't like it, but then changed his story and said he did have fun. Tomorrow though, he wants his pillow pet and snuggle blankie - that will make a world of difference :)

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