Friday, February 26, 2010

Our new family addition

  • Meet Valentino - our newest family member! We bought him on the evening of Valentine's day, and he is Nicholas' 6th birthday present (a little early.) Our house is never going to be the same! But the boys absolutely adore him, and Ed likes him too (although I know he would have chosen a different breed.) Valentino is a pom-chi and will grow to be a small-medium sized dog. The cats are not caring for him too much, but generally just keep their distance. I've called my mom for lots of puppy training tips, as I had a dog growing up, but of course Mom and Dad did all the work, so I have pretty much no experience. Ed was working in Calgary for 2 weeks, and didn't get a voice in which dog we picked, but we're happy with our little furry boy ball of fluff. I'm very grateful that we are getting into a routine, and that I am able to scrapbook a little bit. This is my first ever puppy layout, and I love it! There will be many, many more to come! I'm already planning a little book about his puppy-hood.

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