Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hanging with the kids today...

Nothing on our agenda but the normal daily house stuff. We're still smarting a little from our weekend over-do at the pool, with our red sore shoulders and backs. Even with the sunblock. We may be getting our FREE trampoline today - Ed just called to say that he may be able to pick it up tonight and Ray will give him a hand disassembling and (hopefully!) putting together. The kids are so excited (me too!) Now it's just figuring out where we'd like to put it. Maybe I'll get upstairs to get a little something crafty done; I've got these die cut cards to make, and I'm partially done, but the design isn't totally clear in my mind yet. It's coming, but slowly. Happy Wednesday! :)

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  1. yay for trampolines!! adin and lily LOVE theirs! hopefully i can make it up to you b/4 the 26th... i told the boss lady i need that nite off so i'll prolly be coming straight from work for the crop... man it's only been two days pulling this working/momming of three kiddos and i need a break already lol


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