Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11th, and celebrating new life

As I am sure most of the world is as well, I have thought a lot about September 11th, and the WTC tragedy. What a scary, uncontrollable shake to the entire world that day was. I remember watching tv in the morning - hubby called me over - and it was surreal to see. It's still to this day unfathomable to understand how human beings can do this to each other. I was working downtown in Calgary, at a law firm, on the 31st floor. All anyone could talk about was the attack. Because Calgary is a big oil center, it was told that if we were worried in any way about our safety, that we should leave for the day. I had Ed come and get me, there was no way I was able to concentrate. We spent the rest of the day watching tv, and listening to reports over and over. Such a sad, sad day. Unnecessary tragedy that took so many lives, and maimed so many more.

This afternoon was all about my friend Denise, her husband Doug, and their soon to arrive baby boy James. Surrounded by family and friends, and more baby gifts than I have ever seen, we celebrated the love of this amazing couple. There couldn't be better parents chosen. I was so honored to be invited, and of course became the unofficial 'official' picture taker. I have a ton of pics to upload, she will be very pleased.

My friend Shelly was so sweet, and watched the kids for me for 5 hours. When I got to her home to pick them up, all the boys were in the pool in the back yard - with Brian and Nicholas in their full clothes, Benjamin in shorts (that were not his) with a pamper that was sooooo full, absorbed to the absolute max - it was hilarious. Shelly was concerned I'd be upset, but really, they were having so much fun. And I got some adorable splashy pictures - Nicholas wrangling an inflatable alligator, and Benjamin doing his cannon balls off the ladder. The boys sure do love water!

I'm looking forward to a nice, quiet evening, maybe watching something on the dvr and scrapping a little bit. Oh, and a yummy, yummy cup of "Lee" tea to relax with. (Lee is my friend with angel wings.)

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