Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Smashing good time!

I was already starting this to a small degree, but this amazing group on facebook that I was dragged into by my friend Lizzie (thanks girl - you'll notice I put up not a bit of fuss!) has inspired me to keep on going, and that means shopping for product!! With a little Office Max, some Walmart, and Michael's love, this is my loot for the week!

I've done a few pages and posted them... lemme look around here and is a page I did for my little boy's 5th birthday at the end of last week. Kept some goodies from his gifts, and even a candle! Love smashing!

Can you see why I'm getting more and more in love with this? Lookie the spread at the Michael's closest to me:
Look at all the colors!! I am using a 'brag book' right now, but had to get me an original Smash book - my first choice was red. The inner pages are awesome! Not sure what my next color will be...

Oh yeah, here's my Kohl's page. Kinda liking this one, especially since I was trolling through the mail looking for inspiration, and I found some:

Okay, the last page I'll show is one I made. Yup, all by meself! Used newspaper, super crinkled, lots of gesso, paint, ink, mod podge, stazon and good ole' Sharpie. This is cool... just makes you want to touch it!!

So... that's it! Off to bed, will smash another day! Cheerio dahling!

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