Thursday, April 26, 2012

I saw this on an Earth Day facebook link, and thought it was sooo cute! (I think it was by Two Paper Divas.) There is a good story behind why I chose the boxes that I did: Nicholas, my little devil, he loves anything chocolate. He gets that from his Grandma, she has told me that a few times (and apologizes for it LOL!) I was looking in the pantry one evening and was wondering why a cookie box was out of it's 'place'; it should be with the other Girl Scout cookies. I went to put it back, and it was completely empty. Hmmm. Husband is out of town. (He's the usual culprit.) I spoke to him the next morning, just to check, and he chuckled, saying it must have been Nicholas. Sure enough, when I was up in his room grabbing laundry the next morning, there was the silver wrapper on the floor in his closet. What a little sneak! That is why my young son is getting a notebook with "girl" all over it. Cheeky!
My Benjamin, he loves to watch Scooby Doo, we usually watch that during our snuggle time during the day. Hence, he loves Scooby Snacks. He loves lots of snacks LOL, but this is one of the not so bad ones that we allow for him. He loves his little book, and has already started drawing in it.
I used just the food boxes, attached them to a sheet of medium weight chipboard, sliced some printer paper, then used my bind it all to put it all together, super quick, easy and cute!

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