Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Thursday

Well, we've tabled the potty training for a week or two, or maybe four. Benjamin tells us he is scared to go on the potty, and forcing him will result in nothing good. So, back to our very mobile selves. Hung out with our pal E today, helped her hang some curtain rods, and had cookies and talked for a long time. Just a really good girlfriend talk, you know? Made a yummy supper; did the Easter dinner thing, just a couple days late. And you know, after a couple years adjusting it and perfecting, I can say that I make THE best scalloped potatoes. Yes I do! Picked up my new Close to my Heart catty tonight, so after a couple shows, and a little farmville action, I'll be zoned in on new scrappy goodies! So glad tomorrow is Friday! Not sure what we're doing yet, but whatever, it's Friday!!!

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