Sunday, April 18, 2010


I had figured, as we have for all of us the past oh, 14 years, that we'd be doing the weekend long celebration of my birthday that falls tomorrow. Well, we did go for dinner on Thursday night, to an awesome mongolian restaurant that even the kids love. Friday night we ordered chinese food, but really late, as hubby was doing yard work and Nicholas was spending his typical Friday night with his pal Alejandro. Saturday was a yucky day - I could feel a cold coming on, and I was so tired. With many, many interruptions, I finally got a nap in. Hubby had to work for a couple hours, so he was at the office. We did a zip out in the evening, first to Home Depot to get some planting things, then to La Centerra where we sampled the Cold Slab Creamery - oreo cookie ice cream for the boys, and waffle cones of very, very, very berry sweet cream ice cream for us. Sooo good! Worth the $18. Sat in the courtyard in the dark and watched the boys zinging around, working off the sugar rush they very quickly achieved. Today, it's been a rainy downcast kind of day, but the yard is looking super green. Hubby's been outside in the garage most of the day, and the boys are video-game addicted. Laundry for me (rather than the typical Monday), and something simple (but homemade) for supper. Not how I thought we'd spend the weekend, but I did get all my presents early :) The entire series of Sex and the City from hubby, and the new Lady Antebellum cd. Oh, and the biggest treat - Thomas called both yesterday and today, so I got caught up on all things kiddo. He didn't say Happy Birthday, it was just coincidence that he was calling, and that's totally fine! I always feel so much better after talking to him; confirmation that he is doing all right. Well, the machines are beeping at me, calling for my attention . To the laundry room I go! Happy Sunday!

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