Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A day with our fingers crossed

Yesterday, hubby left work early, off to DPS in Rosenberg. He's been so patient with the motorcycle in the garage; he won't drive it until he's all legal. The office was very busy, so he stood in line, stood in line, for about 1/2 hour. As he moved up about half of the way, then he noticed on a sign on the wall that payment is cash or cheque only. Sigh. So this morning he is off to try again, chequebook in hand. Hopefully he is successful. Yesterday just wasn't meant to be. We had a big thunder & lightning storm too. I'm always surprised and a little uneasy, I'll admit, about how much lightning happens here. With luck on his side, hubby will be home soon with his license, he'll grab his backpack, and ride off to work on his new bike. That will totally make his day. After I check today's weather forecast of course.

The kids were all interested in this little black slug at the bus stop this morning. First time I can recall seeing a real one. Nicholas didn't touch it like the other kids, but he was watching. Don't blame ya pal, Sluggie left a slime trail as he moved. Ewwwwww.... He was still a little wary of things - he'd slept with us last night because he had a dream that disturbed him - that we had birds all over inside the house and they pooped on everything. That grossed him out so much he needed to be with us.

Today, today... hmmm... Think I can scrapbook! All the laundry was done yesterday, and everyone is on the road to healthy (last week was rough!) so I'm going to play in my scrappy room, see what I can come up with. More than a couple CM challenges that I want to get to!

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  1. Little note - hubby came home, license in hand, big, big smile. He's now off to work on his motorcycle, probably the happiest man alive right now.


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