Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring cleaning & organizing (reorganizing!)

I've been trying to get my room in ship shape, not only because it's spring, and it's time, but it's really time!! I have a new friend who is going to come over and scrap with me, and she has shared a picture of the scrapbook room she has in her house.... it's a magazine worthy space - it's ah-mazing!! So, to have her over, I need to get mine into a semblance of complete order, not the half and half version I have going now. The kids were helping out, Benjamin especially. While I was cleaning, he was drawing or painting, so we could still be together, while I was lost in space. Amazing how much time gets sucked away in that room, but I love it! One day, and very soon, it will be my uber room, to it's full potential, and I can't wait!

This I realized, is what Ben was doing when we had to head to the school bus stop. So funny! I sent this pic to my husband, and he said, "What did you do to him?" Nothing, honest, he just powered out, and needed a nap. That little man can sleep anywhere, and he does!

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