Friday, March 30, 2012

Today has been a great day!

Not only did I get a confirmation email from House Party that I am a confirmed hostess for a Keurig Vue party (how cool is that???? I LOVE my coffee, this is THE best ever!) but... my husband got a bit of a bonus from work today, so he bought me my birthday present early - a new camera! Lovely little Canon, sweet little thing, think I'll call it Charlie :) My Sony camera that I sent out to get a new battery latch and cover is going to be expensive - the 'estimator' at Ritz Camera's lab in Florida said $250 to fix, on top of my $45 deposit. The camera was under $400 new. So... not sure on that one, so we got me a new one. And it's lovely - easy to use, 35x zoom - wicked!! Cannot wait to try it out on the blue bonnet patches that we are wandering out to see tomorrow.

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