Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Snail Mail ~ Happy Mail

I love taking online classes with Big Picture Classes - Stacy Julian will always be one of my favorite scrappy inspirational people. Today is day one of the Big Idea Festival 2012, and her challenge for herself was to send out a card per day, for an entire year! Wow! That's a serious challenge, and one I know that I couldn't keep up on. I am, however, going to try to send out one per week, whether it's to Canada, or here in the US, or even just in Houston, but every Tuesday (I'm setting an alarm in my phone so I don't forget!) I am going to send Happy Mail to someone, with a handwritten note in a homemade card. I love getting mail, especially when it is from someone that I miss, and really, handwritten cards and letters are very rare, with everyone having email, skype and facebook. I take Stacy's challenge, and here goes! This is my first card, sending it to my friend Shawna back home. If anyone deserves a hi, I miss you card, she does :)

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  1. And I actually got it into the mail too (Sept 5)


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