Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Frugality!

At this moment, I am very proud of myself! I was in Wal-mart either last week or on the weekend, and I saw a mom doing some major price matching when she was buying her groceries. She had a ton of stuff, and it was just over $100. She had her list, coupons, and the flyers that she got her price-match info from. Got me to thinking, I need to give this a try too, so today, I did, and what an odd little high I got when the total rang up. For all these items below, my total was $53.
That's 56 items, for an average of about $1 each. Woohoo!! And it's not all boring stuff, it's things my kids actually like. It's name brand products. It's things we already buy, when we have extra money to fit them in. I think this will change the way I shop. I'm so proud of myself. Weird huh? ;)

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