Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meet Oliver

How time does fly! The kids are both in school, and we have gotten through the first week, Labour Day weekend, and we are well into September! It is so hot outside that we have been trying to hibernate just a little bit. Cannot wait for the cool fall evenings / mornings that we get in November LOL!! This I have to share: we have an addition to our family. Meet Oliver, he is from the Lone Star Shih Tzu / Lhasa Apso Rescue, he is one year old, chocolate brown, and is just an absolute doll. Very well trained, super adorable and affectionate, and those big golden eyes, just melts your heart. He is a foster dog - which means if someone wants to adopt him and give him a forever home, we give him up and then foster another furperson that needs a home. I don't know if we will be able to give Oliver up though; in the Rescue world, we are likely to become a "foster failure." :)

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