Friday, January 18, 2013

Who fell off the turnip truck?

Apparently, I did, for months! Wow! School has taken over, especially with both Nicholas and Benjamin now going. I've been at school SO much this past semester, to make sure Benjamin is fitting in to the routine with his diabetes, and to meet the boys for lunch, and my new favorite: helping out in the library! Yes, I have to say, I'm feeling a little more bookish these days, usually helping out 2-3 times per week. We've made it through all the holidays, and are very quickly approaching to Benjamin's 6th birthday, then right after, Nicholas' 9th birthday. Ed has been away for work, this last trip was to Alaska! Today he leaves for Calgary, sad for me, but also makes me happy as he will be able to see Thomas. I haven't been nearly as crafty as I'd like but am happy to be near the end of my December project life album (that will make an entire COMPLETE year, woohoo!!) I have started on January too, and am trying to stay up to date. My January Button Farm kit came in and I can't wait to get to that, it included an entire Snap album, yaay!! So, now, it's January, I'll try to be more consistent. Oh, yes, New Year's resolutions. Gotta love and hate em. Our family's resolution was to curb our eating out. Yes, we spend way too much on restaurants and fast food, so unless it is a special occasion such as a birthday, Valentine's Day or anniversary, it's eating at home for us. I'm sure it will save us a lot of money! If I can just stop the scrappy online shopping. Shhhhh!
This is Nicholas with Oliver, on the day we brought him home as a foster. I adopted him (secretly) on October 1st, and the kids 'received him' as a Christmas gift.
First day of school, Nicholas bug, ready for Grade 3.
Nicholas with Valentino, Benjamin with Oliver, stopping for a mommy pic on a chilly, windy day.
My sweet Benjamin Aidan, with Oliver, both loving being outside :) Even if it is darn chilly! (for Texas that is.)

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