Friday, April 17, 2009

A one-day project! Done in one day lol!!

I haven't had much chance to scrap this week, but I did get two things done. The first was last night, about 10:30. It had to be submitted before midnight to be included in a challenge within CM. It was a sketch challenge that went really quick actually. It's one of my plainer layouts, but I like it. Not sure what I did with the photo of it though... I'll find it later.

Today, I actually started and finished a project. Yes, all in one day. Wahoo me! That doesn't happen often. Now I just have to clean up too lol!! This is a wall hanging that has a pic of my son on each of his 5 birthdays. It's a great way to show his growth and how much he has changed (and stayed the same.) I included the theme at each of his birthday parties too. He's pretty pleased with it, and so am I. Now I have to do one for the little guy too!

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