Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A pic-free post

This past weekend was crazy for excesses! And I loved every minute of it. It was my 37th birthday (or as my son would say "Dirt") My hubby and boys spoiled me all weekend long, and even though it poured rain on Friday and Saturday, we had a great time. Ate out a LOT, bought me some presents, yaay!!! And went to the scrapbook store and I was able to buy some goodies for me. Hubby didn't really know until I came out and gave him his credit card back lol!! He was happy with what I bought. He's so wonderful! And my friend Janie made me THE yummiest pineapple rum cake - soooo good. Thanks Jane!

Anyway, I made 2 beautiful birthday cards, but I can post them just yet, as the two fantastic women who are going to get them just might check out the blog and see them too soon, so in a week or so, when I know they've gotten them, then I'll post. Now, I'm enjoying the air conditioning in the house, and I'm very lazy, not wanting to get chores done. But, I should vaccuum, then the kids and I are going to go out and (in the shade!) try to fill some little water balloons for them to play with. Should be fun! And another scrapping opportunity!

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