Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School!

And it was a smooth morning! Maybe the key is making lunch the night before, setting the clothes out the night before, and making sure there are several alarms set. We had very smooth sailing this morning, with plenty of time. We drove Nicholas to school, had lots of time for photos and hugs. We even left before the final bell as he was settling into his coloring at his desk with his classmates. He was excited, and said he loves school. Such a huge difference! I could see it in the kindergartener's faces - that look that we had last year, the nervous and scared little faces. None of that for us this year, Nicholas is a big boy, in Grade one now, and what a difference. Benjamin was sad to leave his brother, and shouted from the doorway, "I love you Nick - a - yus!" and waved and waved as we left. I'm very glad Ed is home from work today, as he is helping Benjamin tremendously with his separation anxiety from his brother. Getting all the laundry done, and have freshly baked cookies for an after school snack, so we can sit and hear all about his first day. Hope it was great!

Nicholas was home before I even went out to meet the bus! His driver was super quick, and he was home early - on the first day of school even! He had a great day, and was very chatty, his baby blues were full of sparkle. He had his oatmeal cookies happily and talked about his day. Such a huge difference from last year. Made curry for supper, and he chattered all through dinner, then went to bed easily. We could get used to this.

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