Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When you are on your own....

..... you scrap! Or at least that's the way in our house. I am home with one kiddo, as the other is out with his best friend and the momma - they are heading to the school where Nicholas is going to show them around, then they are having a picnic - ghasp!! - outside! (It is amazingly hot, yet again today.) Then this evening, the momma is taking them to the gym with her, so they can play while she works out. Benjamin and I are being home bodies, and that's just fine. It's giving me the chance to be a little crafty:

The first card was for a sketch challenge, hosted my my lovely cafe mom group co-owner. She made a beautiful card that we were to copy. Love this design!

The layout of my sweet goofy grinning boy I did this morning - - that's actual machine stitching too! I pulled out the old sewing machine and dusted it off - got it threaded the first time around too!

The last card is for my LMN O Pea card swap that is coming up this weekend. I actually got it done early! I was feeling the pressure, so I couldn't just let it sit. Maybe I should be smart and start working on the September ones, just to be safe!

Snack time for little man, and some snuggle time while we watch a cartoon. :)

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