Saturday, September 10, 2011

I have to share these beautiful flowers! I know a lot of people have been making them for a while, but I'm a little behind :P

From the Paper Candie blog:
Paper flowers have taken over my house! Literally. I just finished making 239 paper flowers to be put into goodie bags for the BC Crop for Kids, and I'm loving how they turned out!

I have no idea if they have a name, but I am calling them "punch and scrunch" flowers . . .cuz you punch em' and scrunch em'. . . pretty original of me, hey?!
Seriously though, I used a 2" Scallop Punch and did the following:
1) punch out 6 scallops for each flower - can be same pattern or mix of patterns, and a pattern on both sides of the papaer looks even better!
2) lightly mist the scallops with some water - LIGHTLY, you do not want them to get too wet and end up ripping, but you want the paper to be more pliable. Also, when your finished product dries it will harden and hold it's shape.
3) crumple each individual scallop into a ball.
4) flatten the crumpled scallop out.
5) stack the scallops - do not worry about them being perfectly straight, and if you are working with more than one pattern paper, or double sided, alter the pattern as you stack.
6) Pierce a brad thru the center - good way to use up some old ones you may have hangin' around, as you will not see the brad thru the finished flower.
7) Now, starting with the top scallop, crumple/pinch into the center. Do each layer one by one, and when your done you should have what resembles a rose bud.
8) Finally, slowly "unfold" this rose bud untill you are happy with your flower :-)

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