Sunday, September 11, 2011

Woven background

Such a beautiful finished product, and it made me remember how much I enjoyed paper weaving when I was in elementary school. Give this a try, it's so simple!

Borrowed from Rhonda Henderson of Let's scrap:

We are going to do a paper weaving layout. and you will need 5 sheets of Cardstock,. I have used Bazzill and I have chosen 1 White, 2 Light Blue, 1 Dark Blue and 1 Black. You will then need your photos and your embellishments to complete your layout.

1. Take 2 sheets of Bazzill (I used 1 white and 1 light blue) and cut into 1/2inch strips keeping them as straight as possible!!

2. Weave these 2 sheets together, being careful not to pull tension too tight or it will buckle. I found it easier to let the strips hang over the side of the table and lift up each alternative vertical strip and then weave horizontally.

3. Take another sheet (I used dark blue) and cut it down to 11½ x 11½ inches. Make a border of ¾inch (or 2cms) on each side and cut out middle (This can then be used to matt and layer your photos)
4. Take another sheet, ( I used pale blue) and cut it down to 11½ x 11½ inches and this time make a border of 1inch (or 2.5 cms) all round. Cut out your middle section once more. You should now have 2 frames which look like this

5. Layer these 2 frames together and glue. Place this frame over the weaving area and attach. You can then trim off the excess weaving.

6. Take your last sheet of cardstock (Black in my case) and mount your weaving on top of this sheet. If you wish, you can cut a gutter out of this sheet just as before, to save more card!!

7. Now all you have to do is attach your photos and your embellishments.

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