Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yet another cute, easy fun idea!

I am finding all of these amazing ideas, and one of my new favorite blogs belongs to the PaperVine. This is a post of hers, and it is fabulous, quick and easy, not to mention, it will help you use up a bit of your paper stash!

1 Cut 8 pieces of paper 4” x 8”
2 Fold all the pieces into half , with the side of paper you want showing on the inside
3 Glue pieces together back to back to create pages
4 Ensure that the folds are always aligned
5 When all piece are glued – round corners if desired
6 Cut piece of paper 8.5” x 4” for cover – round corners on one side
7 Score cover at 4” and 4¼ ” to create "spine" for book
8 Glue cover to front of book – do not glue spine
9 Glue cover to back of book
10 Trim excess paper and round corners for back of book

I hope this has given you some inspiration to create your own books. It's a project that comes together in an hour or so and the book pages feel really "solid" in terms of weight - and much easier to stuff in a purse (thinking Grandma brag book!!) than a chipboard or wooden album.

Check out my inspiration for these latest posts - this blog is amazing, and just full of the best ideas!


  1. Hi Cindy – I am thrilled you like the drawers – I was really pleased how they turned out!

    I see you have also copied my post about making the mini album.
    You are welcome to post a picture of the completed album along with a LIVE link back to my blog, but I do not allow my tutorials to be published elsewhere. I would be really grateful if you could make this change.

    Regards, Lowri

    PS - I tried to send this as a personal e-mail but you do not have this facility enabled through blogger!

  2. Sorry Lowri! I wasn't able to get a live link, but I'll ask for some help in getting it in, then will update how I have it posted. LOVE your stuff!! :)


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