Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday, sweet Sunday!

It's been a relaxing, rejuvenating, reviving kind of morning. I love Sunday's like this! With a little help from SpongeBob Squarepants (gotta love weekend morning cartoons!)

My boys have been behaving and playing together well, which is music to my ears. Also, it gave me to opportunity to mix a delicious cup of coffee, crawl back under the covers, Valentino to my right, Cinnamon to my left, and just enjoy the chance to finish my book. Don't you love it when you get a novel that you have a hard time putting down, but at the same time, force yourself to so it isn't over too quickly?

I gave in this morning, and finished it up, and as per usual, it didn't disappoint. I love Barbara Delinsky books!

So now, I have other lazy options: do I play with the tutorial I just bought from Paper Phenomenon, that I just had to have? Or do I search around online for other scrappy inspiration? Either would be wonderful, as I fully intend to take advantage of the boys getting along, it is truly a weekend blessing!

Have to post this pic though, before I go - this is a lovely chest of drawers, an item from KaiserCraft (I'm really starting to love their stuff!)

(Pic borrowed from the PaperVine blog, thank you!)
Little note: paint with white acrylic first, then attach patterned paper before assembling drawers. LOVE this! Such a pretty little project! Added to my wish list :)

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