Sunday, July 8, 2012

I had to post these, not only because I love them and want to share them, I have to remember that this is on my MUST have list when Archiver's stocks them. This is the new Serenity line by Bo Bunny. Love all things BB, but this one is the first in a while that screams out my name. SO beautiful - I'm thinking I may finally scrapbook my wedding photos! (I've held out, thinking I don't have the skill to do them justice; it's only been 13 years LOL!)
It's been a while since I posted, busy (crazy busy) with our new swim team, but the season is over now, with the exception of a couple of board meetings and our end of year party - yaay! The kids love anything to do with the water, and we've been enjoying our neighborhood pool and our friends' pools often.
We've celebrated Canada Day and July 4th the American way - fireworks and barbecuing. The kids love playing outside with Daddy while he is cooking. It's certainly getting hot out - we have hit 100F more than once already, so we are very near our summer 'hibernation' that we do each year. Other than the pool, we'll likely stow away inside until September LOL!!
So, I think I've made up for being awol for the last little while... One big post to catch up on things. Hopefully I can get a little more scrappy time in, but I've got one last set of pics from my last time out scrapping with Nicole and Zulema -

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