Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's been a rainy couple days, off and on showers. We had to get out of the house though, so we took the dog for a walk. Or should I say, the kids took turns running the dog :) He loved it, poor little guy needs to get out more often. That's one thing about summer, it sure has us hibernating!
One thing about the rain - the grass is nice and green, and the retention pond actually has some water in it (and I imagine some snakes too, yuck!) Nicholas loved to run and kick all the mushrooms that were growing in the grass. There were a lot, and some really big ones too, that took a good kick to knock out. Boys :)
Autumn was a bad girl this morning, so she got to spend the day outside as punishment. She hung out in the back yard, then jumped the fence and sat in the front greens, then we let her in the back yard, then she again was at the front when I felt sorry for her and let her in. I hope she's learned her lesson. Bad kitty!
Last thing - had to post this absolutely BEAUTIFUL card that was on Lily of the Valley today. This is using the new summer bears stamp collection (which I have!) How gorgeous is this?!?! I absolutely MUST play with these stamps, they are so stinking cute!

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