Sunday, January 15, 2012

Triple Sweet

I admit, at Christmas time this year I cheated. I mailed out store bought cards. Horrible huh? And to be truly honest? I was at Walmart yesterday and found 4 boxes of cards that I got dirt cheap that I'm going to use for the upcoming year. :)

I cannot bring myself to spend $5-7 on a birthday card. For anyone. Do you realize the amount of scrappy supplies that would cover in a month / year? No, no, no.

I am in need of a birthday card for a little cutie today. And I know I'll need a birthday card for my own little munchkin in less than 2 weeks, and then Valentine's day... Oh the crafting never stops :) So. The two that say 'Sweet' are for little one's birthdays, and the third I'll give hubby when he comes home from his latest work-on-the-road stint. Love the blue / brown combination!

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